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dora jambor

I am currently building an artificial intelligence company that aims to help people take a more proactive approach to living healthier and more fulfilling lives. If you share a similar mission, let's chat!

On the side, I also help out as a technical consultant to various startup focusing on AI.

Before entering the startup world, I was a graduate student and researcher in Computer Science at the Quebec AI Institute (MILA) and McGill University working with Dzmitry Bahdanau (ServiceNow) and Joelle Pineau (Facebook). Through this time, I was a visiting researcher at ServiceNow, and a resident scientist at NextAI and CDL startup incubators. My research area is natural language processing, specifically focusing on building AI models to automatically generate programs (Python, SQL etc.) from natural language, with some related projects in knowledge graphs, graph representation learning and meta-learning.

Prior to that, I was a machine learning engineer at  Shopify working with recommender systems for personalization and search problems.

In my free time, I enjoy going on long runs, cooking delicious meals, practicing yoga and dancing.

Arab Street, Singapore 2015

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